Whilst obviously we continue to strive to always improve by recording and reviewing our energy usage and waste output, minimizing our use of hazardous and toxic substances, comply with relevant environmental legislation, supporting the local community the essence of our policies really comes from the heart and can be summarised as -

Enjoy your life - enjoy going green and the pleasure it brings. Enjoy everything you receive and balance it by giving thanks and seeing what you can give back in return. Give praise and thanks, whilst caring for nature and using local produce and products. Enjoy the peacefulness of Tordown.

Respecting - everything animate and inanimate, giving it the care and love it deserves by using ethical, local or fair trade and environmentally friendly products; and love the earth. We have a wonderful Health food shop in town, take some things home with you, or buy some up cycled glasses from Tordown. We are all one with each other and mother earth we must look after everything

Recycle two ways - recycle as much as possible and then use recycled products whenever possible. Save and Re-use -- one man's rubbish is another man's gold and just because something is old as long as it works, and is energy-efficient, it does not need to be thrown away - reduce what you use, repair and reuse, stop the disposable society syndrome

Love yourself - take care of your body and what you feed it. Grow your own, use organic and possibly give consideration to at least a part vegetarian diet. Do not apply or eat loads of chemicals, use natural items wherever possible. Think of how you fit into the environment and do not over use it - tread the path, walk, use public transport, leave the landscape for future generations to enjoy.

Use the gifts we are given - in the UK we are blessed with rain, sun and wind so use them don't waste them - collect the rain and where possible use solar and wind power. Also work with your local environmental societies and your community.


Cheryl Penn
January 2018

You can read more about helping the environment in Doing our Bit and Going Car-less in Glastonbury.