A frequently asked question is "Is staying at Tordown peaceful?" The answer could go on forever:

If you live in the depths of a forest Tordown with occasional distant traffic rumble may seem like it is situated in the middle of a busy town, but if a town person exchanged places and went to the woods they might find the birds singing difficult.

What is your definition of peace? Again a definition that could go on forever, happiness, contentment, fulfilment, joy, love, inner knowledge. Peace is special to you and together we can have global peace. So everyone has their own concept of peace, it is an individual thing. So is Tordown a peaceful place. We would say yes, your inner self recognises the underlying peace of Tordown so you in turn just recognise it. We are here to facilitate this peace, rest and relaxation in Tordown. Peaceful is the most used word by guests who have stayed here, see our guests comments page.

If one has inner peace it doesn’t matter where you are, what/who you are, or what you have. It is inside you.

Inner peace is a feeling we can always reach and feel inside.

Inner peace, inner love, inner joy be with you at all times whatever you are doing in the here and now.