The front door bell is 54” (137cm) from the ground to the right of the front door. There is a 6” (15cm) step up to the front door with a 1½” (4cm) wooden door step to walk over. The front door opens inwards and the hinge is on the left.

A dado rail runs along the right hand wall inside for 52” ,132cm and brings you to a large inner door opening into the house, hinge on the left, door handle on the right 34”, 87cm up.

Through the door a dado rail runs along the length of the right hand wall and brings you to the doorway to the Clear Quartz Room, handle on the left of the door, which opens into the room.

On reaching the Clear Quartz door if you continue a couple of inches you will find on the right the doorway to the Lounge.

Alternatively if you turn left you will go along a corridor between the stairs and registration desk on the right and the Citrine Room on the left.

Continuing 9 Feet, 270cm along this corridor is a doorway, which will just take a standard wheelchair. Just before you reach this door on the right 16” 40 cm and 50” 127cm up is a bell if you need us. This doorway leads to the dining room straight on and our kitchen to the right.

Normally we do not allow pets in the house but make an exception for 'Guide/Hearing Dogs'.

We have 2 ground floor rooms, with en suite showers and toilets, however they do not have disabled facilities and it is only possible to push a wheelchair into either rooms and not around them.

We have had the privilege of serving people who are visually or hearing impaired and those needing wheelchairs.

We have available a pillow fire alarm and flashing fire alarm sensor in the Citrine room for hearing impaired persons, please ask if this will help you

We try to cater for peoples dietary needs and always have a number of Gluten Free items. Vegetarian and Vegan options are standard. Please let us know if you have any specific requirements. For those persons who suffer severe allergic reactions we are sorry but as hard as we try, we cannot guarantee that every item is 100% free from allergens as we use wheat and nuts in our kitchen.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us