Healing can be performed and received by anyone its just different people have differing aptitudes and interests in giving and receiving it.

Just as with allopathic medicine in that one drug does not cure everyone with the same symptoms so to, certain people may respond to differing types of healing.

The results of healing can vary, sometimes be like a miracle and other times its subtle only to be seen with hindsight. The concept of healing is to try to look below the symptoms and cure the underlying cause of a problem where as allopathic medicine tends to cure the symptoms. Some people are great at slowly but surely, having seen Neville Lonsdale (a brilliant healer who visits Tordown every 2-3 months) several times over a year only after a year did they realise things were changing.

Sometimes people find that they might make great progress once they have integrated the healing only to find that they regress later. This may be because they have not adjusted their lifestyle to accommodate the healing or perhaps psychologically they actually enjoy being ill, they may enjoy the attention it brings or they may enjoy talking about their illness. Perhaps it would be good to have another treatment and see if they can work with the new energies permanently.

In Glastonbury we are blessed with many different healers performing different healing modalities. If we are unable to help we can recommend someone who might.

Please note that we are not doctors and therefore you should not ignore the recommendations of your medical doctor.