Ear Coning is an ancient healing system used in Egyptian times and before. It was used for physical healing and spiritual healing. Anything from 7 to 11 conings in each ear may have been used in spiritual practices.

The practices of coning like many ancient healing systems went into hiding and re-emerged at different times. Often it is a practice that people in many third world type countries can remember their great grandparents doing for the family but has since been lost again.

Again, like many other healing systems it is being realised that these ancient systems can be of advantage to us without resorting to drugs and hospital treatments.

A candle takes 10-15 minutes to burn and you must have at least one in each ear. It may be necessary to use more then one cone in each ear and repeat treatments maybe necessary.

Ear Coning is highly recommended to assist in respiratory problems e.g. sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, colds, throat lymph gland problems, sore throats, tonsillitis, earache, some sorts of deafness, especially those caused by impacted ear wax. In many cases it has been found that children scheduled to have an operation to have grommets placed in their ears do not need them after coning sessions.

Please ask Michael or Cheryl if you are interested in receiving this treatment. It must be appreciated that we are not doctors and that you must follow the recommendations of your doctor and as with all healing the result is reliant on what you need at that moment in time.