• Do you feel there needs to be some changes in your life - but you are not sure what they are?
  • Do you feel your intuition, your guidance just isn't getting through clearly - that maybe you need to hear from your higher self - that aspect of you that can see the bigger picture and knows which way to go.

Every session is different but they are based on the same fundamental - your higher self "speaks" to Michael's higher self via the good office of Jesus, Sananda or other ascended master of your choice.

Your higher self is then effectively using Michael's own voice to speak to you and to share timely information and usually to answer questions as well.

These sessions, including introduction, etc., usually last about an hour (sometimes up to 3 hours) so you need to leave sufficient time and book up as early as possible. Payment is per hour - nobody is ever turned away on monetary grounds.

Tune In

These sessions - as well as providing essential information - give you a chance to experience the vibrations of your higher self so that in future you can "tune in" that much more easily.

If you feel drawn to this, if it feels right in your heart or you just want to find out more, then contact Michael, and remember - there is no time like the present.